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Art Crimes: Sisma, p3

I’m on a path to redemption. I’ve made many mistakes in the past few years that I’m displeased with. Finding the courage within myself to say that the things i were doing were wrong….has been and still is tuff.  I realized that I was in denial. Who what have ever thought it? Well, now that it’s been realized I told myself that i had to get up and do something about. I don’t wanna be that girl that had potential and did absolutely nothing with it. The one thing that lacks in my life is my relationship with God. I need him more than ever in this point in life. I strayed away from the cross, but right I’m saying that i’m taking back my life and giving it back to my heavenly farther above.


going crazy….

I’m going through some serious separation withdrawals. My guy went home to Memphis about three weeks ago, and let me say I ain’t doing to well. For the past 8 months we’ve seen each other on a constant basis, since we meet at the school parking garage (gross I know). From going on immature dates to meeting my folks we have been tight since the beginning…. this whole break has really started to take a toll on me. I catch myself effortlessly daydreaming about him. Corny much? Sue me. I guess the saying “distance makes the heart fonder”, is pretty much one hundred percent TRUE. MY poor little heart can’t take this to much longer. Every bone in my body wants to run to Tennessee and bring him back on my back. That would be the day pigs fly, lol. I just wish he would come back already. Then I think to myself ” Dominique can you be that selfish?” I’m not, so I quit crying and just carry on with my day. If I stop stressing the issue time will fly by. I hope. 

Never hold your head down. Boy, be proud of your skin. Believe that God is in your heart and Jesus died for your sins.
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